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Get your Successful Pescatarian Diet

1-How to start a pescetarian diet

There are many ways to healthy eating, and give up animal proteins entirely but if you’re not prepared to cutting out red and processed meats starting a pescetarian diet might be your best option: It means consume meals that include fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, , but adding in fish and seafood as protein options to complement the eggs, dairy and plant-based foods which provide nutrients that are difficult to obtain solely through plant foods. It’s a viable long-term dietary plan in its own right, or you can treat it as an intermediate step toward a fully vegetarian lifestyle.

2-Secret for Successful Pescatarian Diet Weight Loss 

Treat your body right

Going on a pescatarian “diet” is changing your lifestyle , so best thing is to take it slow, go day by day and embrace your body and tell yourself that from this point forward you are going to treat it with the love and respect it deserves even if you are carrying some extra weight that you’d like to shed.

Taking charge of your health should be your main goal after losing pounds and by developing good eating habits, you’ll be setting yourself up for success long past losing the weight you wish to lose.

Build your healthy habits 

When you start your new healthy pescatarian lifestyle you will need to clean your kitchen and throw out all bad food choices include processed sugars such as white sugar and icing sugar white flours, dairy, all processed and packaged foods, excess salt and added sugars . You won’t believe that cutting just a few foods out of your diet, will already show you some weight loss results 

Instead, you should opt for including KICKIN’ GUYSpre workout  in your daily diet to increase contractile forces and help your bady to product energy  . 

Exercise help you in weight loss

when you add exercise to healthy eating such as a  pescatarian meal plan where your calories are calculated according to your needs then it can certainly help to speed up the process and get you to your goal weight quicker.

In order to maximise the effects of exercice in weight losing , we suggest that you use KICKIN’ GUYS combines L-tyrosine with folic acid, this product is a precursor to dopamine , may further increase dopamine that increase boost exercise performance.

Exercise also helps you to feel happy , positive and motivates to stick to your new healthy lifestyle. Also the innovative composition of KICKIN’ GUYS product is based on the most effective and pharmaceutically pure active that’s activates the perfect blend of neurotransmitters to boost your mood, motivation, mental alertness and focus

Don’t forget to drink lots of water

Make your number one priority now to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. 

Many studies over the years have clearly shown that drinking water  can certainly help to speed up the process and get you to your goal weight quicker.

Try new healthy foods

If you choose fried fish and processed foods, you may not reap the health benefits of this eating style. Grill or broil fish using healthy cooking oils, steam your seafood, or use other lower-fat methods, such as sautéing and baking, to prepare your meals.

Getting enough sleep 

If you constantly find yourself with little to no sleep, you will begin to find that you are hungrier and crave high carb foods more often this may lead to weight gain

Seek variety

Eating fish   seven days a week, especially at the beginning, maybe will make you bored and unwilling to continue dieting. For that reason versatility is very important for getting the right nutrients. You also want to get your proteins from other sources than fish like eggs, chickpeas, KICKIN’ GUYS or tofu

know it’s not the end of the world if you , accidentally eating chicken stock or grabbing a slice of bacon .

A Few Preparation Options

Seafood and fish always comes in a broad range of textures and flavors, so no single cooking method is appropriate for them all. Most shellfish and crustaceans are good when steamed or cooked over the grill . Also oily fish and firm-textured, such as salmon, halibut, mackerel and tuna, are excellent on the grill, and crustaceans can also be boiled. Most fin fish can be cooked in a steamer, Asian-style, on a bed of aromatic herbs or vegetables. Delicate fish can be prepared in parchment pouches.